Estate Planning

Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, & More
“Protecting—& preserving—your family’s legacy.”
Why McKinney & Tillman, P.C.?

At McKinney & Tillman, P.C., we value our long-term client relationships. When your estate plan is finalized, we do not “close” your file—we stay in touch (at no charge), ensuring that your plan remains current in spite of changing circumstances and developments in the law. We also hold free client seminars and other events, along with email updates and newsletters, to engage with and educate our clients well after their documents are signed.

Estate Planning with Victoria and Anne McKiney of McKinney and Tillman, P.C.
What is estate planning?
  • Techniques to avoid the cost, delay, and complexity of Probate.
  • Advanced care planning that lets your values guide your medical treatment, and makes disability easier on the people you love.
  • Strategies to minimize the burden of income taxes and federal estate taxes on your family.
  • Asset protection planning that safeguards surviving spouses and children from creditors.
  • Trust planning using Tennessee’s highly advantageous version of the Uniform Trust Code.
  • Specialized retirement account planning.
  • Business succession planning to prepare for the transfer of leadership to the next generation.
  • Planning for people with special needs, including children and the disabled.