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Why McKinney & Tillman, P.C.?

At McKinney & Tillman, P.C., we take a personalized approach to the difficult situations that require conservatorships. Whenever possible, we encourage a cooperative process among everyone involved to achieve the most benefit for the disabled person, while also keeping costs and conflict to a minimum. When cooperation is not possible, we stand for you—as an advocate before the Court—and give you the legal tools that you need to take care of your loved one.

Conservatorships with McKinney and Tillman, P.C.
What exactly is a conservatorship?

Many people either cannot—or do not—adequately prepare for the management of their affairs in the event they become disabled. This leaves loved ones wondering what to do—how can they step in to protect their family member, ensuring that they are safe and secure? How can they continue to care for a disabled child who becomes a legal adult?

A conservatorship proceeding is the legal process under Tennessee law by which a person obtains authority from the Court to act on a third party’s behalf. Once appointed, the Conservator can manage the disabled person’s property and make decisions (both financial and medical) on their behalf. The process is started by filing a Petition with the Court, and there are ongoing reporting and management requirements even after the conservatorship is approved by the Judge.